Olga Soulachaki


printmaking  .  painting  .  jewel

I have always been sought through art a way to express my thoughts and feelings. The need of communication and also the way I interpret the world make their way through painting, printmaking, designing and any other form of art. At the same time, art in general contributed a great deal to my emotional emancipation and critical thinking.

Athens School of Fine Arts 09.2010 – 2018
Painting & Printmaking
Thesis | “The arc of memories” | 21-23.09.2016
Special courses: wood carving, night models’ painting, graphic arts & bookbinding


Gstaad Switzerland  – sponsorship for group exhibition “$€X¥ GSTAAD” 2020
Contemporary Art Museum – group exhibition “Generations” 2019
The Pulse gallery (The Box Athens & Deximi gallery) – group exhibition «Yellow me» 2018
Trii Art Hub, Athens, Greece – group exhibition 2018
NEO gallery23, Bolton, UK – group exhibition «Looking in, Looking through» 2017
Markopoulo cultural center – personal exhibition painting & jewellery 2015
Ekali cultural center – group exhibition of ASFA graduates 2014
Kifissia cultural center – group exhibition «Free men» 2013
Terra Petra cultural center – group exhibition «Artistic research» 2012
Tavros cultural center – group exhibition «Victim and criminal» 2010

Οnline periodicals

Maria Xypolopoulou, “Κάποιοι περιεργάζονται το ερωτικό έργο με ενοχή ή γελούν από αμηχανία!…”, Greek online journal about fine art,, June 2019,κάποιοι-περιεργάζονται-το-ερωτικό-έρ/


Sophia Alexiou Painting workshop 09.2007 – 08.2009
High school diploma 06.2009
Team work: “All together now” extracurricular program – European schools & students exchange program

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