Albert Camus (1913-1960)

A guilty conscience needs to confess.A work of art is a confession.

I mention A. Camus because for me art is a necessity. It’s the way I have to express my feelings, my needs and my concerns. I create art so I can express myself, interpret the world, ask for forgiveness, say thank you and think… At the same time though, art are my own memories. Art are my experiences, whole periods of my life, or just little fractions in time.

I wish the viewers of my works of art feel the same.

Though it is not my intention, I would be intrigued to peek into their thoughts, to know what they feel, what they think about their own lives, how they interpret the world and in the end, what is it that they take home with them.

I believe that art must give a breath of life to every human being. I t must be something like a second chance, a critical look at the past but also a new beginning for the future.

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