It has been four years since the devastating fires of July 23, 2018 in the seaside Athens resort of Mati left horrifying images that the mind cannot erase. The fear and devastation of that day still continue to haunt us.
Mati was the place I spent most of my shinny summer days. I grew up there with my sister, my grandparents and my beloved uncle. I made friends for a life timeā€¦
For me it is the place, the people, the moments that I spent most of my childhood and adolescence with. They are my family, my friends. It has a deep existential dimension.
Nature is the rebirth, it is motherhood – the feminity per definition… The fire reminds me that my self as nature was lost, a place that reminded us that the deepest core of our rebirth was lost. From this point of view, through these artworks I wish to express the identification of ecological and existential loss and to use memory as a unifying element for the reflection and empathy of this dramatic event.
The 14 art pieces of this collection were created using different painting techniques, rendering different emotional states and meanings, beeing each of them an independent narrative within the same body.
Mati 23718” is not only an invitation to the viewer to keep the memory of a tragic event alive but above all, it is a code that unlocks the various forms of consciousness that human being has as a victimizer and victim of the destruction of nature.

Autumn 2022

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